Pawan Goyal- Contributing for Women Empowerment, Women are the most important element of our society. If men are considered as the pillar of the society then women are the base who provides support to those pillars. Pawan Goyal realizes that modern society should recognize the individual identity of the women and she should have the opportunity to develop her faculties and express them as per her choice. This is possible when women are self-dependent and economically strong. These days government is organizing many programs for women empowerment but to bring the effect at a wider level each individual should also understand his responsibilities. Pawan Goyal accepts this responsibility also and is working to provide support to the women who need motivation and encouragement.

In this process he recently organized sewing machine distribution camp to help needy women to attain self dependency. By using these sewing machines women can be self dependent and will become economically strong and she can have her own aspirations, abilities and qualities as a man does. Pawan Goyal says that the world can not grow at good pace unless women come forward and become active participant in all walks of life. Apart from sewing machine distribution Pawan Goyal has taken many other initiatives for empowering women such as supporting birth of girl child and girl education. Pawan Goyal works for the complete abolition of social practices such as dowry, sati, female infanticide, child marriage etc.

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