Pawan Goyal- The Social Worker Pawan Goyal is not only the leading industrialist of Jaipur, Rajasthan but also an avid social activist who believes in high thinking and simple living. He is completely aware of the fact that this human life given by GOD should not be wasted and we must render our services to the indigent and the society. He believes that social service is not only done by donating wealth but also by devoting your soul for society. So he keeps on searching
the ways to help the needy people of society.

Amongst his sincere efforts, one is to organize the blood donation camps regularly in an attempt to save many lives which our society looses because
of unavailability of blood. With the efforts of Pawan Goyal blood donations camps are being organized regularly at Maharaja Agrasen hospital located in Vidhyadhar nagar, Jaipur. The maharaja Agrasen hospital is one of the biggest blood providers in the state and provides the blood 24×7 to the needy people. Pawan Goyal himself takes out time for camps and donates blood, thus motivating others also for such a good cause. These blood donation camps have saved the life of many people and will continue helping others if needed. Thanks to Pawan Goyal for being socially active and initiating many such good causes. Our society needs people like him for becoming perfectly balanced.

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