Pawan Goyal never wishes to bring an end to the social activities he remains involved in as he believes that one should do what he can do with whatever he has and wherever he is.
Recently Pawan Goyal arranged a renovation of a graveyard in Vidhyadhar nagar area in which essential objects were provided to graveyard management and cleaning of the graveyard was also performed. These points were neglected since long time as people consider graveyard an inferior place and ignores the need of any work over there. But graveyard is a really important place as one ends his beautiful life journey here and leaves this materialistic world to reach to the God. So at least a clean and proper place must be maintained to perform the rituals and prayer for the leaving soul. And the initiative of Shri Pawan Goyal has created awareness among others also regarding maintenance of graveyards, thus fulfilling the objective of Shri Pawan Goyal.
Pawan Goyal keeps looking for the different ways to serve the society and one of them is the installation of water coolers. Being aware of the rising temperature, he arranges water coolers for the schools in which there is lack of the cold water sources so that children can satisfy their thirst with cool water and can concentrate on their studies in this scorching heat. Also there remains a heavy footfall at temples in India and cold water is always in great demand by the devotees. So installation of water coolers at many temples of Jaipur has also been arranged by Pawan Goyal.
Shri Pawan Goyal is also an utmost devotee like the most of the Indians. He worships god with utmost faith and trust. He arranges food and water stalls for pedestrian devotees of khatu shyam ji yatra every year and also organizes shyam bhajan sandhya for himself and the other devotees.
Many people are getting inspired by him and are actively participating in acts of social service.

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