“Marriages are like fingerprints: each one is different and each one is beautiful.”

Shri Pawan Goyal is an avid social activist who completely agrees with these lines of ‘Maggie Reyes’. Wedding is a holy act in which two different soul gets entwined to each other. In Indian culture also there lies a great importance of “kanyadaan” in marriage. Pawan Goyal understands his responsibilities towards the society and towards the needy people and he tries to provide help to them in every possible way he can.

And what else can be a better way than providing support in the weddings. Pawan Goyal provides support for marriage of children from impoverished families who cannot afford the marriage expenses. He also provides full support in girl marriage by providing necessary things for marriage like ornaments, dresses, materials for holy rituals etc.

Mass weddings are organized every year in Jaipur in Hindu and Muslim communities. Pawan Goyal provides financial as well as moral support in such mass wedding events (Samudayik vivah sammelan). Samudayik vivah sammelan are free from all kind of ill mentalities and provides everyone a chance to choose a perfect life partner for themselves. Pawan Goyal tries his best that these mass weddings are organized peacefully and properly so that new couples can start their new life happily with the blessings of God and their elders.

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