Social Worker in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Pawan Goyal is the firm believer of the mentality that one do not become social worker just by donating money but he has to engage his body and soul in the service of mankind and society. His thoughts are proved by his acts. His never ending zeal towards the social work keeps him indulged in different type of social activities consistently.

He has been organizing the medical camp in slum area of Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur  on every Sunday since 8 years and provides free medicines. He organizes eye check up camps and blood donation camps in which food facility is also available. He understands the value of child education & how important it is for the bright future of children , so he provide scholarships to poor students for their primary and high school education and also provides them with the school dresses and other school materials.

To enhance the women empowerment programmes, he provides 5000 rupees on the birth of girl child in poor families and a fixed deposit for 20 years to stop the female infanticide. And also provide financial aid in marriage of girls who belongs to poor families.
He is also known for running various old age homes for providing elders with better and happy living in the beautiful phase of their life.
To support handicapped people of the society, he has organized camps for distribution of auto-tricycles. He plays instrumental role in supplying water tanks in slum areas to provide people of those areas with basic amenity of healthier living.
During the adverse times in the country, he supplies relief materials in the flood and earthquake affected areas.